About the Yorktown Land Trust

The Yorktown Land Trust is a nonprofit, tax exempt corporation established in 1986 whose purposes are:

  • To promote the preservation and protection of the scenic beauty of Turkey Mountain and other open spaces in the Town of Yorktown and vicinity.
  • To acquire, hold, manage, and transfer land for community benefit and/or community purposes.
  • To protect, and promote the protection of plant, fish and wildlife habitats.
  • To preserve land for recreational, educational, and scenic purposes.

The Yorktown Land Trust offers:

  • Tax exempt status which guarantees maximum tax benefits to donors.
  • Assistance to landowners in determining future use of their land in keeping with the goals of the Land Trust.
  • Facts about different land preservation techniques.
  • Detailed information on conservation easements as a flexible land preservation tool.
  • Contacts with other local, state and national land trusts for further financial and technical advice.
  • The experience of a Board of Directors working since 1986 to promote land preservation for community benefit.
  • An opportunity for residents to work together to insure that the green open spaces of Yorktown remain green for future generations.
  • The Yorktown Walk Book, a trail guide to Yorktown's quiet ways, published in 2016.
  • Informative educational workshops and events for the public.

The Yorktown Land Trust seeks:

  • People interested in working to preserve open space.
  • Residents with expertise in law, financing, engineering and land management to further the work of the Land Trust.
  • Property owners who want to learn more about how to protect their land.
  • Conservation minded buyers for available properties.
  • Trail watchers to take photographs, and relate comments on maintenance.
  • Contributions of money to pay for operating expenses as well as for purchasing land.

The Yorktown Land Trust Board of Directors is made up of people serving two year terms in a volunteer position. The Board holds regular meetings and conducts the business of the corporation. At the annual meeting in March of each year, half of the Directors are elected, and four officers are elected as president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. The current Board of Directors includes:

John Schroeder - President
Aaron Bock - Vice President
Nancy Truitt - Treasurer
Kristina Lindbergh - Secretary
Barbara Wilkens
Amy Hersh
Barbara Michaels
Michael Angley
Nancy Brandt

In addition, the Advisory Committee consists of volunteers elected for a one year position to advise the Board on various matters.

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