The Yorktown Land Trust has three publications of interest to the public. The first two are detailed studies of the highest and lowest areas of open space in Yorktown, with recommendations for future preservation and use:

  • Turkey Mountain Triangle Open Space Plan, 1988
  • Plan for a Hunterbrook Linear Park, 1992
  • The fourth publication is a trail guide to different locations in Yorktown available to residents for walking and other recreational activities: Yorktown Walk Book. Originally printed in 1991, the 2nd edition Yorktown Walk Book was revised in 2005. The 3rd edition was published in 2010. The 4th edition published in 2016 has 4 new maps and 14 updated maps.

Yorktown Walk Book

The Yorktown Land Trust thanks our donors and local businesses that assist in the distribution of the Walk Book for their continuing support.

The Yorktown Walk Book can be purchased at the Town of Yorktown Parks and Recreation Department, the Environmental Conservation Department, the Town Clerks office and the John C. Hart Public Library.

You can also purchase the Walk Book at:

    Club Fit in Jefferson Valley
    Yorktown Museum
    Colonial Diner
    Teatown Reservation
    Wilkens Fruit and Fir Farm
    Yorktown Pharmacy
    Trailside Cafe
    Yorktown Cycles
    Sports Barn
    NYNJTC (online ordering)

The suggested donation is $5.00.

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