The Friends of the Croton Watershed

Updated December 2000

The Friends of the Croton Watershed is an organization devoted to improving our watershed through environmentally sound alternatives to filtration.

New York City is planning to build a $1 billion filtration plant to filter water that is drawn from the Croton Reservoir. They are planning to do this despite the fact that Croton water meets all federal health requirements, is of better quality than most filtered water, and has been improving in quality. The widely reported five-year delay for a decision regarding a filtration plant applies only to the Catskill-Delaware system. One of the proposed sites was the cove in Yorktown pictured above. The City has chosen another site for its first choice for the location of its filtration plant. See - City selects Bronx site for filtration facility.

The Friends of the Croton Watershed has joined with other groups to form the Croton Watershed Clean Water Coalition - CWCWC to work towards finding alternatives to the construction of a filtration plant. We believe that it is better to keep the water clean and to remove potential sources of pollution. We are working to strengthen our environmental laws and to see that they are enforced.

Does NYC protect our watershed? See the Gannett article on the Riverkeeper audit, or the NY Times report on the audit by NYC Comptroller Hevesi.

For Current Information on the Croton Watershed -

See the web site of the Croton Watershed Clean Water Coalition - CWCWC

For more details of past events, read:

Left - Proposed Yorktown filtration plant site. Click on the map or here for the complete NYC DEP map of the filtration plant site.

Right - Preliminary work on the filtration plant? - A drilling rig at work in the cove.

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